Welcome to the Chateau d’Or Hotel

Follow this link to acquire tickets.

$10 student rate on Wednesday nights, cash only at the door.


Click on the image below to peruse the promotional video.



The Elm Theatre at 220 Julia Street

January 8th – 25th

Wednesday – Saturday

8:00 PM


Concierge poster medium


“Monteyne goes through a gamut of emotions, at times exhilarated, scared, conniving, menacing, shy, inept, but thoroughly enchanting throughout.”
~The New Orleans Examiner~

A concierge is alone in the lobby of a hotel that has closed its doors. As she struggles between leaving and staying, she begins to create the people who should grace the empty grand foyer. Look through the keyhole and witness what emerges from the imagination of a person whose job is to be able to do anything and who now has no one to do it for.

Co-authors Matthew Morris and Andrew Farrier conceived this comedic drama while Matthew worked as a desk clerk in a largely uninhabited housing development. With the aid of actress Cecile Monteyne, stage manager Matt Standley, dramaturg Helen Jaksch, and producer/production manager/production designer James Lanius, an early draft of the piece premiered at the 2011 New Orleans Fringe Festival.

“Darting from one corner of the stage to another, switching accents on a dime, or simply throwing on a white glove, she seamlessly switched from one character to the next. Embodying one character at a time, she never let us forget the presence of the others. . . they held three-way conversations while all gripping onto a fox stole, or struggled in a group to get a hold of a suitcase rumored to contain live scorpions. All as the concierge sat behind her desk, looking on.”
~NOLA Defender~



Talent Biographies


Jim Fitzmorris at The New Orleans Advocate

Theodore P. Mahne with The Times-Picayune on NOLA.com

Philip Yiannopoulos at NOLA Defender

For Parking:

 Street parking in the Warehouse District is free after 6:00 PM.  If you have trouble finding parking in the street, the Riverfront parking lot on Convention Center Boulevard is only a block away from The Elm, and for $8.00 you can park there for the night.



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